Author Summer Leigh Incidental Fate: 6-Book Series
Romanoverse: 9-Book Series
Romanoverse Heirs: 5-Book Series (2023)
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Incidental Fate: The series that started it all! All 6 books available as e-book & paperback. LUCA has
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Read Incidental Fate through his eyes.
Available as e-book & paperback.
Romanoverse Heirs Nora: 2-book series (Spring 2023)

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Author Summer Leigh

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Incidental Fate

Books 1-4

Instant sparks. All consuming. Gavin fell hard, but Sadie was running. The first four books run chronilogically.

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Incidental Fate

Book 5

Books 5 features story sets and chapters of major life events, holidays, and the drama that follows Sadie & Gavin. The New York chapters set the stage for the Romanoverse.

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LUCA: The Series, books 1-3. All out now.

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SOFIA: a 2-book series. She had it all, at least that's how it seemed. Follow Sofia on her quest for love and happiness.

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STEFANO: a 2-book series. He's spent years hiding from his guilt, denying who he was to uphold his family's name- and he was keeping it all at bay, until he locked eyes with Mark.

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Falling in love should be easy, but not for the youngest sister of Luca Romano. Love is about to take Giorgia on a ride.

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Read Incidental Fate through Gavin's eyes.

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Incidental Fate

Book 6

Book 6 is the finale of the Incidental Fate series. Stories include spoilers of the Romanoverse.

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Romanoverse Heirs

Romanoverse Heirs

Nora's books release Spring 2023.

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